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About us


The Croatian Catholic Centre Aloysius Stepinac was formally established in 1973. Mass in Croatian was available sporadically and in different locations since the late 1960’s, but towards the end of 1973 sufficient numbers and enthusiasm was evident to enable the purchase of an old cinema hall in Salisbury for religious and social activities.

A permanent priest provided by the Church in Croatia has been attached to the community since the early 1970s. Over the years the Croatian Catholic Center has provided religious and social activities in a variety of locations, unsuccessfully attempting to move the community to more appropriate premises to meet the differing congregational needs.

The Croatian Catholic Centre currently operates the premises acquired by the Community in mid 70s in Salisbury.

The primary activities of the center are weekly religious services and traditional marriage, funeral, christening and other ceremonies. Additionally the center has over the years been the focal point for community social, cultural, educational, humanitarian and welfare activities.

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